The team is doing great. They saw about 400 patients yesterday. Today they will see about 300. People are walking for 3-4 days to get there. Many people are being helped by our medical team. Some are being brought in on stretchers and there are some really sick people too. They are also coming from the next district over (Jumla). There is minimal to no health care in this area.

The team wanted to send some video/photos but they are down in the valley and it’s very difficult to get a signal. There are so many people wanting to be seen that they actually started fighting amongst each other. The police and the village leaders calmed everyone down so that the clinic could continue.

It’s nice weather where they are. It’s around 60 during the day and a little chilly at night. They see snow all around them. They are having lots of fun.
Last night they showed the Jesus movie. About 100 people came to watch. There are some Hindus there that are trying to shut them down because they are against Christianity.
Tomorrow they are going to trek for about 5 hours to Lake Rara and get a little R & R. Then on to the next sight for the next medical camp. More updates will follow as Steve gets a signal.

Please pray …
-That many would come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus
-That Jesus would be high and lifted up
-Continued strength and good health for whole team
-That the team gets the rest they need tomorrow to be able to continue on

There is so much to pray about, please pray as the Lord leads!