Update from Mugu, Nepal 3/15

The team finally arrived in Pina Mugu! PRAISE THE LORD!!! They were on the first flight out of nepalgunj this morning.

An incredible flight! The 1st flight was the team members and the second flight was the equipment and supplies.
Once they landed they began the 2-3 hour trek to the village of Pina where they are now setting up the site for the medical clinic/camp.
As of 2:00pm KTM time, they opened the clinic a day early. Their first patient was a 3 month old little girl with a hole in her heart. There is nothing they can do for her, so they are referring her to KTM to the heart hospital.

There are already many people waiting to be seen. Some people walked 3 days to get there. There is minimal to no health care in this area.