On Thursday March 17 the team saw 600 patients at the medical camp … a total of over 1,000 patients in all at that camp.

Yesterday (Friday), they left at 7:00 am for a 7 hour trek to Lake Rara situated at 9,000 ft. Steve said that it is the largest lake in the world. In order to get there, they had walked through the snow. They chilled for a day at Lake Rara and now they are on a 3 hour trek to their next location, Bhamwada, Mugu. They will have their first camp/clinic in Bhamwada tomorrow (Sunday)

Even though they showed the Jesus movie at the other location, there was some restraint by the locals there. They are praying that there is less restraint at this new location.

Everyone is doing great! It is difficult to get any kind of cell signal or SAT signal, but when there is one, more updates will follow.

Thank you for your continued prayer on behalf of this team and everyone they will come in contact with.

Please continue to pray for :

– open doors to share the good news of Jesus Christ

– hearts to be open to the gospel

– continued strength and good health for the team

Please pray as the Lord leads!

Thank you!

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