Another great day in Tarachowk with very nice weather. 
We had a very successful 3 days at Tarachowk medical outreach.  We treated over 500 patients in the 3 days that we were there.  After devotions and breakfast this morning, we left Tarachowck at 8:30 am and arrived at Ram Bazaar (altitude of 4700ft).  After walking a long 7 hour trek, we were greeted by a community group to welcome us here.  We are settling down and preparing for tomorrow’s medical camp.  We will start early tomorrow morning for 3 days of medical evangelism here at Ram Bazaar.

A woman came to the camp with abdominal problems.  Dr Joe diagnosed her and gave her meds.  Dr Joe talked to her about God and the gospel and asked her if she made sacrifices.  Through the interpreter, she said, “I pray to idols made of stone, but they never talk back”.  Dr Joe, opened his bible to Hebrews 10 and through his interpreter explained to her there is only one sacrifice.  We gave her a talking bible.
Kathleen and Hannah spending hours and hours with the local village kids.  Lots of soccer, face painting and fun.
Thank you for praying!  Praise God for all that He has done and what He continues to do!

Steve, Padam and all the team at Ram Bazaar, Nepal