After an 8 hour van ride and a 2 hour 4WD Jeep excursion we’ve arrived at our church in Ram Bazaar, Lamjung. Amazingly, the  local Nepali government water authority opened up their buildings and bunk houses for us to stay in!! Running water and actual beds to sleep in is a blessing.

Tomorrow at 7AM we leave here and head north to reach the village of Chame. We are hoping to get the in 5 hours but it is very far north near Annapurna.

It was great meeting many of the pastors again, some we haven’t seen in over a year. Their reports have been very exciting and also very encouraging.

Over the next few days all of the puma pastors will be gathered for a Pastor’s Conference at the church in Ram Bazaar for training and fellowship. While visiting the conference we spoke with Pastor Jeetman from Alainche church. This church was just built last fall. Since then three people have accepted Jesus Christ as Savior and another family is very close to coming to the Lord. There are 5 house fellowships and Saturday services meeting weekly.

Praise God for what He is doing in this village and please pray that cultural rituals and boundaries will not keep people from coming to hear the good news of the Gospel.

Steve, Padam and Nate