Dear Friends of PUMA…

It has been an awesome year. So much has happened with the growth of the ministry in Nepal. It has been huge!

It is the people behind it all that makes it happen. The new believers, the new faith, the new hope and the new life. It all happens because there is a group of believers here in the states that care for the lost even though they are 10,000 miles away.

We are grateful to you for your heart and your care for those in Nepal who have not heard. There are many we have reached, but still many more who have not even heard a word of the Gospel yet.

Thank you for your prayers, care, and financial support to the work.

We are all extremely excited for 2017! It will be a great year, we are sure.

PLEASE watch this short video. It is a simple update from Nepal for the year.
Don’t miss the end!!

From Steve, Padam, Harris, John, Dave, Leo, Frannie, Mary, and all of the Pastors and staff.

Thank you and God Bless.