In March of this year, We reopened our training center in Kathmandu Nepal. Pictured above are the men we currently have studying with us at the center.

They will be at the center 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for three months. They are taught and study the Word 9 to 10 hours a day, with Saturdays off (Church day!)

This will go on for a full three months until we send them back up into the Lamjung and Gorkha Districts (about 125-140 miles North West) where they will go with one of our pastors up there to have some training in the church and field.  After their three months up in the Mountains they will return again to the center in Kathmandu to stay another three months for training. This will continue for approximately two years.

The most amazing thing to us is that 7 of the men shown above live in villages where PUMA has already planted/started a church sometime in the past 6 years.  These men recieved Christ at one of these churches, attended and studied the Word in these churches then felt that perhaps they too were being called to ministry and possibly a call to be a Pastor!

Pray for these men that God will speak to them clearly revealing the call that He has put on their lives!!!

God Bless You


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