7AM Doha Qatar

>>Uneventful so far, Flight from Philly to Doha Qatar was very nice. Not real crowded so we all had a bit of room for the 12 hour flight.
On Board the flight now from Doha up to Kathmandu. Roughly a four hour flight then we get our luggage and gear and head to the Hotel.

Hoping and praying for clear skies tomorrow morning. First early flight on Monday morning is from Kathmandu to Nepalganj in southern Nepal. We hope to quickly switch there and get on a smaller plane that will take us all up to Gamgadhi in the district of Mugu.

If we can get there tomorrow, we can immediately take the three hour trek with a lot of help from the porters and head north through Gamgadhi and up to
Bham Wada where we will set up the medical clinic and begin seeing patients early Tuesday morning.

>>It’s Sunday Eve, 6:20 Kathmandu time, about 7:45 AM Sunday at home. We just arrived here in Nepal and are now settling in at the Hotel Himalaya.

All is good, tracking weather forecast, we will decide at 8:30AM tomorrow, Monday morning if we fly up or not.

We all really want to get to these two outreaches. Over 60,000 people in the district of Mugu with only 6 churches.

That’s a good spot for this team to be!!!

Pray for sun shine on Monday morning, But we are very happy to do whatever God designs!

Thank you!!!!!

All the team in Kathmandu Nepal.