When the earthquake happened, it damaged the Boys Home.  So much so, they couldn’t go back in. There is still fear it may collapse.  The Girls Home is damaged on the third floor, but the engineers say it is OK, but don’t use the third floor.

So for 10 weeks we have been trying to figure out housing for 50 kids.

Our manager in Nepal, Padam Tamang, was able to contact a Nepali lady in London who owns a large piece of ground adjacent to our training center. The center is about a 10 minute walk from the boys home.

The lady who owns this ground is a Hindu and lives with her family in the U.K.

We were hoping for a lease of some sort for a few years, we could then build an inexpensive building that would be used as a church and also a long building with 8 rooms to be used as a dormitory for the Boys.

We asked the land owner if she would consider renting us the land. Her response….”Just use it as you want. I have no plans to return to Nepal for at least 5 years. I will likely just stay here in London permantly. Use that ground any way you want, I do not want to charge you”.

Yes, we were floored!  So, we are working on some paperwork to make it all official, working with some architects to draw up some plans for the buildings.

If this all goes forward, the Boys will have a new home, the Girls will move into the training center (Really nice building) and we will have a very large church building for the young and growing PUMA church in Kathmandu!

God is an awesome God!!!!!!

We will keep you updated on the progress.

Would you pray that this is indeed God’s will and it goes as planned?


Thank you!!!

Steve and Team